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SWIRLL - Severe Weather Institute - Radar & Lightning laboratory

SWIRLL is a UAH core research facility that houses infrastructure and UAH atmospheric science faculty, staff, and students who are involved in research on severe and hazardous weather, lightning meteorology, radar meteorology, lightning physics, and air quality.


Our SWIRLL facility has an array of surface and profiling instruments. Data from our site is typically gathered 24/7. We are working on getting live data posted during active deployments. Our MIPS platform is the only platform that supports this at the moment.


SWIRLL houses several platforms designed to study severe and hazardous weather, inluding the only dual-polarization mobile Doppler radar! Each platform is operated by our very own students which helps facilitates hands-on learning in and outside the classroom.

About Us

Our faculty and staff are made up of some of the top scientists in the the field and have a wide variety of interest. Check them out!