The Advanced Radar For Meteorological and Operational Research (ARMOR)

ARMOR is a dual polarization C-band radar that is located at the Huntsville International Airport. Prior to 2002, ARMOR served as a National Weather Service WSR-74C radar. With the help of Baron Radar Services, the radar was donated to UAH and converted to dual polarization in 2004 as a callaboration between UAH, NASA, and one of Huntsville's local news stations, WHNT Channel 19.

With WSR-88D radar coverage becoming sparce over NW Alabama and Southern Tennessee, ARMOR not only serves as a crucial research radar for UAH and NASA, it also provides essential radar coverage to the surrounding NWS offices. By sharing real-time ARMOR data with the surrounding NWS offices, ARMOR plays an important role to the local NWS offices.

Though ARMOR is located at the Huntsville International Aiport, communications from the radar are sent from the airport to the ARMOR partners. Data is stored locallly at UAH for research and operational use and is maintained by UAH students and staff. Real-time ARMOR data can be viewed here.


  • Transmit Frequency: 5625 MHz
  • Peak Power: 350 kW
  • Pulse Width: 0.4-2.0 μs
  • Maximum PRF: 250-2000 s-1
  • Antenna Diameter: 3.7 m
  • Antenna Beam Width: 1.1°
  • Polarization: Dual
  • Variables: Z, V, W, ZDR, ΦDP, KDP, ΡHV, LDR