The SWIRLL Berm Site

Located on the SWIRLL grounds, the Berm Surface site is a joint facility that holds a suite of instruments for UAH and NASA research. Inside the enclosure, instruments are in place to continously measure both current atmospheric observations and precipitation characteristics.

The berm includes:

  • Campbell Scientific 107 temperature probe at 0.5, 1, and 10 meters
  • Campbell Scientific HMP-45C temperature/relative humidity probe at 2 meters
  • Vaisala PTB-210 barometer
  • RM Young 05103 Wind Monitor at 10 meters
  • Texas Instruments TR-525I rain gauge
  • Eppley Labs Pyranometer
  • OTT Hydromet Jenoptik CHM-15K Ceilometer
  • OTT Hydromet Parsivel
  • The UAH MIPS Platform that provides near continous measurements